Jamie Bradshaw

I have worked in Leisure and Sport for the past 22 years. I am qualified in;


Sports Massage Diploma.
Level 3 Swimming Coach, 

Level 3 Personal Trainer, 

Level 3 Exercise Referral, 

Sports Taping. 

These qualifications combined with my 22 years experience in the industry has given me the opportunity to work and support people with a varying range of ages, abilities, health conditions and fitness levels to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Through Personal Training I design each session specifically to push you to achieve your goals, with interesting challenges and fun throughout the sessions.

Within Personal Training or Gym plans we can look at;Weight, Fat Loss, Toning, Conditioning, Size & Strength, Shaping, Advanced Nutrition Plans, Gym Work, Fitness & Class Instruction, Advanced Sports Programme Writing & Daily Challenges, Advanced Fitness Assessment Methods and Guidelines, Advanced Resistance & Cardio Training Exercises & Strategies, Advanced Stretching and Flexibility Programmes, Swimming Training Plans, Exercise specific with health conditions, Plus many more

Contact me to discuss prices, plans or how I can help you, other information and any questions you have. Prices may vary depending on distance being travelled. Why not join in with your friend(s) for more discounts, more fun and some friendly competition. I look forward to working with you.

Jamie bradshaw

Sports Massage Therapist

StewarTry Health and Fitness
23 Queen Street, 
Castle Douglas,
DG7 1HU. 

Telephone: 07702 161 556
E-mail: StewarTryHF@gmail.com 

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